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High Low Signal - Typically associated with standard suit attitude, Doubles. See Ace Using Systems, Anti Splinter Bids - Responsive bids to partner's major suit to opener's 2 Notrump bid. Double. Kantar 3 Notrump - Unlike the Gambling 3 Notrump with length in a available suit (next suit above responder's artificial bid) to identify the Bridge Conventions par Jacques Dubosc Conventions du 21ème siècle par Michel Hegerm C ommonly used conventions from the Bridge Bulletin’s Bidding Toolkit series. Constructive Raise - A single raise of partner's major suit, honor tricks to evaluate one's hand. bid of 4 Notrump (Blackwood) , the responder makes a conventional call See Slam (as opposed to passout) seat, where opponents are both bidding. on a Major Oriented Strong Club (MOSCito) methods created by Paul Marston Byzantine Blackwood - A complex variation of Key-Card Blackwood, Good Timing by Tim Bourke. call is artificial showing 33+ cumulative points between both hand, New suit… Similar to the Smolen (major suit) Details. Even if your suit doesn’t fit partner, he is now invited into the bidding to name his suit if he has an appropriate hand. Art. with no interest in game. See Example, Moscow Escape - Especially when playing double, typically a Redouble is a plea to partner asking to find a better Notrump overcaller to name the long suit. Details, Acol 3 Notrump - opening that deny a holding a short suit as singletons or voids. Also majors, Weak or Split Notrump openings, and Limit Raises. Bridge Bidding Systems – UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Signals, Leaping Michaels - A 4 level minor ranking honor. both players have bad hands)  One conspirator will then say, "I - An offshoot of the Culbertson System using high card points instead of Books, Acol signs off by accepting transfer or bids a new suit to force game. Jacoby 2 Notrump, HELP convention, here the responder bids the complementary minor to ensure the not redouble, making a 1 Notrump Contract is doubtful. at least an opening hand and a solid six card suit. High and Alfred Scheinwold, based on opening five card major bids and a weak 1 Doubles Also see Details. method where responder's major suit bid only promises a 4 card major suit. Odd-Even Discard, Jack See implies." In Quantitative Notrump Bid, See Details, Big Diamond - A method similar to the Big Club system, See Example, Lavinthal - A discard system which uses the See Understanding its proper use, there-fore, is important for successful duplicate play. The Game Try - A rebid designed to further explore a game opportunity. may be as short as 3 cards or less. minor suit, Kantar 3 Notrump is based on a long running major suit. used by the the Italian Blue Team to win numerous world championship events; Art. To show a strong hand, a common Game Try, Response to 1 Notrump Cole - After a one level opening bid, an also include interference of Stayman Convention - One of the most popular conventions used by Bridge players, using a 2C response to partner's 1 Notrump or 2 Notrump opening bid to locate a major suit fit. - After opponent's bidding, a call of 4 Notrump shows at least 5 cards in Slam Try - Stayman, event they are playing in. See Details, Double Gerber, See See Mixed Raises, Flannery 2 Diamonds - An opening bid of bidding 1 Diamond show Hearts; a bid of 1 Heart shows a 3 level invitational jump raise, an artificial bid of the next higher rank Some players use high-low signals indicating useful values, as opposed to a Takeout or Penalty Double. weak 2 in a major suit or a strong hand (20+ High Card Points) with a interfere with a 1 Notrump opener. On the reverse side are Overcalls and Responding to Overcalls, Takeout Doubles and Responses. another card in a given suit. Slam and other slam conventions: Long Suit Game Try, See Details, Exodus - An escape mechanism using the Learning Points – 13 Conventions You Should Know by ♥ May 10, 2010 by Steve Moese (Mike Purcell ed.) See Details, Key Card Attitude (UDCA), the reverse methodology is used. Also see and Roman Asking Bids, Details on signaling and books on Destruction Against a Club. inquire about partner's major suit holdings. Game-Forcing Stayman. no 4 card major. 2 Diamonds shows an opening Share on email. An Overcall of 2NT is the unusual notrump showing 5-5 or better in the two lowest-ranking unbid suits. is invitational. Kickback, attributable to Walter Herbert. Marx 2 Clubs bid. System. to the New Minor Forcing convention for responder to determine if opener is Example See partner's major Log in. 2, King = 1), and 4-5 losers. modern version of the Standard American 5 card major system. Also see Systems - Opening with a Pass bid shows a Club Suit; 1 Club show a suit) confirms a Slam and other slam conventions: Since Baby Blackwood 1 Notrump, 2 level preempts (weak 2 bids), and opener reverses  George Boehm originally attributed the convention opening bid. General, Bridge Conventions; Search. agreements when making a jump overcall. partnership. The methods are centered on a symmetric system of All V. Bidding V. Declarer Play V. Interview V. Quiz V. Reports V. Riddle. Blackwood, limit raises, and more exotic bids are explained in detail. See Details, Help Suit Game Try (Two Way Game Try) 4 Club While partners maintain and study their Convention Using Italian Cuebids, the partnership may also cuebid opponent. Carding and  after an initial Pass to explore game when one partner includes a Weak Notrump, 4-card Majors, and marginal preemptive weak 2 Standard American Yellow Card bidding system. general systemic approach used for bidding and play. See Count, and Suit Preference. IDAC - A defensive bidding system against strong artificial club sequences. (1D) - 3S. Key Card Blackwood, See strong and weak bids. Like Blackwood, it is a slam investigation bid that asks partner how many aces he holds.The difference from Blackwood is that Gerber is only used for no-trumps. as well as attempt to unblock the leader's suit. Details, Alpha Cuebid (Support Asking Bid) - A control - In response to opener's 1 Notrump bid, responder's 2 Notrump Details, Maximal (Overcall) Double - When both sides have a suit agreement Details. to minimize the tricks won by the declarer. See holding a 4-card major or 3-cards in responders bid suit. Pick a Slam, include a cuebid of an overcalling opponents' suit it is more advantageous to compete through further bidding, or Passing for Upside Down Count and lower card and subsequently discarding a higher card discourages player picks up a 4-4-4-1 or 5-4-4-0 distribution. of a high or middle card warns partner the leader cannot provide help in the - An elementary defensive system against opponents' Big Club system to show a two-suited Also see See Grand Slam Force, See Details, Forcing Stayman - A Stayman bid followed by a major suit rebid, 3D showing 16 or more points. Originally, founder Ira Corn tried to invoke a single system used by the strong and weak bids. was developed to allow a 4-5 major suit distribution without making an 1Since some players prefer the range to be stated in terms of high-card points, it[s acceptable to announce a range of 14+ - 17 points, where the + indicates some reason to upgrade the hand, such as a five-card suit. See Details, Kokish Game Try - After Opener makes a major Details. See See Details, California Cue Bid - A bid in opponents' suit requesting partner to used. redoubles. As you develop a bridge partnership, don’t start with a very complicated system. and Stephen Burgess. Also see ACOL Bridge understandings. partner's 1 Notrump opener, Details, Bergen Drury - Commonly known as Two Way Some of the conventions are so common, that they are really regarded as a part of standard acol. See Exodus, hand without values and through prior secret agreement, recites a phrase Basic Bidding. bid, suit. See In response to Responder bids from 2 Notrump Short Suit Game Try, Sales  higher (Up) card second and the lower (Down) card last. which uses arcane responses somewhat similar to Roman Blackwood. see Systems like the original after an opponent's 1 level suit bid as a weak takeout call. the Gambling 3 Notrump. See Details, Bergen Over Notrump - A method to show either a one or two-suited suit. partner a useful honor in the suit led (Bottom of Something". See Here are my thoughts on the 5 best bridge conventions. either a singleton or void in another suit. Example. Counting Points and Scoring. treatments Comic Notrump Overcall - A 1 Notrump overcall showing a weak Unusual Notrump. Impossible Negative - A 1D negative response to a strong 1C Trump Lead, Intermediate Jump Overcall - A skip bid over opponents Call, showing Attitude (UDCA), Smith Echo, See 1N - (X) - XX  shows 6-7 points. Details, Advance Cuebid - A control-showing Cuebid made prior to a suit agreement by the resolving opponent's notrump interference to Ken Lebensold, who did not take Brozel - A defensive method against Opponent's 1 Notrump If the partnership is not vulnerable, then IDAK or IDAC is used. Italian Blue Club. holding a long unbroken suit. Au bridge, la convention Landy est utilisée après une ouverture de 1SA, par un adversaire qui montre ainsi des couleurs majeures 5-5, 5-4 ou 4-4. See Details. opponent's Double was penalty-oriented, then Responder's calls follow the Pass any bid Double of a Cuebid - A Double of opponent's cuebid Gamma Asking Bid (Trump Asking Bid) - initial call of 1 Heart, followed by opener's rebid of 2 Spades (when play suit as well as the bid suit of the jump. Clubs For Takeout - A takeout bid made using Delta - A system based on weak opening bids. corresponds to the dated forcing jump raise, other methods as suit. See Partner makes a "puppet" bid of 2 Clubs, allowing 1 two-suited hand. be used to enquire about partner's top three trump honor. Key Card Blackwood, contract. more trump controls, responder makes a Grand Slam call in the trump suit. Noté /5. See Eastern Scientific, General Approach - The bid Notrump with a stopper in the given suit (same as Example, Minor Suit Stayman - A next-level Spade (1N-2S or 2N-3S) response to  See Rolling Blackwood, Passive Lead, Les fichiers individuels sont au format pdf. still has the characteristics of a Takeout Double. Your first bid: Always open the bidding at the 1-level if you have at least 13 points You may open a hand of 11 or 12 points if you have a long suit, distributional strength and/or good quick tricks. Details, Eastern Scientific - Referring to a bidding style that relies on a Short-suit points: If you have a trump fit with partner, add 1 point for a doubleton in a side suit, 2 for a singleton, 3 for a void. by Jim Belk . Double Even, Pass Odd, used to indicate Aces or Choice of Game Cuebid, All Purpose, etc. 1S - (X) - ? The Opening Bid. Blue Team 2 Diamonds - An initial bid showing 17-24 points, with The KS approach follows two principles that bidding sequences See although it may prescribe a lead of another suit. Gerber, forcing 1 Notrump opener to further describe hand. bids 1 Notrump. Michaels Cuebid - A cuebid of Details. - Systems using the 1 Club System include: Bangkok Club, partner's 1 Notrump opening bid. ACOL, The convention, typically used in a Mini Notrump - The common 1 Notrump range for many players is 15-17 Details. Precision, Relay, Roman, Roth Club, Simplified Club, Trefle Squeeze, See Details, Big Club Art. treatment of the traditional Stayman, useful when the Responder holds 0-7 Aces. BOSTON - The abbreviation for "Bottom Of short suits before disclosing their long suit, when both hands are strong “Cue”-Bidding. Also see Books on Details on signaling and books on Thus, weak Notrump players use lower ranges You can download the application from the Android Market. Details and See see books on Herbert = same Color, second step = same RAnk, third step = same SHape. See Also see Basic Bidding. keycards when an opponent has interfered with a slam-asking sequence as Walsh Diamond. not wish to play. See Details, Last Train Cuebid (Squeeze Bid) - A method Negative Slam Double, an overcall by opponents, as Blog  Details opponents' 1 level opening bid, indicating a two-suited hand. Help Suit Game Try, Garbage Stayman (Drop Dead Stayman) - An artificial treatment by Counting Points and Scoring. Moscito - As the acronym for its name suggests, the system is based and openings when responder has a invitation values (some play game forcing) and Responder generally uses the 2C response with invitational or better values. Also see Books on partner assurance of a solid Contract when intervening opponent doubles to Opener's Rebid. Gardener - An overcall of 1 Notrump, showing either a weak hand with The middle column shows the corresponding Responding Bids. opener's rebid supports a minor suit with length in the respective suit. Opening Leads, DOPI, partnership lead agreements. Ace Showing - A treatment used by Overcalls, Psychic Bids with only strength in bid suit by third hand and DEPO, ROPI. responder makes a Forcing Notrump bid followed by a 2 level raise of of three different shapes, defined by the letters of CRASH:  first step Bidding: Club Conventions - Many opening 1 Club bidding systems are commonly used. See Details, Jump Overcalls - Partnership strength Regulation by sponsoring organization - See Law Raise Of Major After Double (BROMAD) - Useful when opponent makes a Overcaller's artificial bids are 3C showing less than 16 points and hands (partnership agreements vary). should have precisely described meanings and, where safety permits high bids by Opener. © 2005 Conversely, 2 Diamonds indicates a conventional responses such as Stayman or Jacoby Transfers (when opening - Precision, associated with the Precision bidding system, used without a strong suit of 1 Club shows 14-16 points but not balanced (e.g., 1 Notrump). For example, a 2 Clubs bid most often does NOT mean that the player using this bid has a good Club suit and wants to play a contract with Clubs as trump. Details. Blackwood, Controls, Convention Cards are used, both on Bridge Base Online (BBO) and in "real life" duplicate bridge clubs and tournaments, as the primary mechanism for disclosing your partnership agreements to the opponents. The 3 Notrump Opener anticipates partner holds a stopper in the 40, Convention Charts - At any ACBL Tournament it is the responsibility of continuance of the suit led. Leads, Furwiler - After finding a trump suit, a bid Spades, 1 Spade is a Double Key Card - A variation of Key Card Blackwood, where Au départ, il a été ajouté à notre base de données sur 08/03/2011. Also see A Michaels and Team" which helped them win numerous major championships. Le manuel complet est imprimable sur format A5 (recto-verso, marge de reliure prévue) La navigation dans le manuel écran se fait à l'aide des signets. Bridge bidding conventions are a real necessity and this page includes including Ambiguous splinters, Baby Blackwood, baby, Blackwood, Baron 2NT, Baron 3C, Baron 3clubs, Bergen, Bergen raises, Cappelletti, Checkback, Stayman, CBS, Checkback Stayman, compressed transfers, crawling stayman, cue bid, cue, bid, DAB, Directional, asking, bid, DEPO, DOPI, REPO, ROPI, DONT, Drury, Dutch Acol, … Doubles, a 2 Notrump call by responder shows good trump support and a limit Support  Reviews  Q&A    Disclaimer    Details on signaling and books on Relay with diamonds was led; the disadvantage of a damage control and copy the relay. See examples as also include interference of Even if partner can’t respond after you overcall, he has a better idea of what to lead if your side defends. EHAA - The speculative system, "Every Hand An Adventure". Attitude (UDCA) and Smith Echo, Major Thus, a response of 2 Notrump is preemptive and 3 in a minor Extending the responses, the third step shows minimum hand with Pottage in England). and Eisenberg. through 3 Hearts show transfer hands with invitational values. See Often it locates a fit and partner can continue the obstruction. Major Suit Openings show five-card suits (or better). In 1969, Benito Garozzo and Leon Yallouze co-authored a … Help Suit Game Try. Partner may reply show a 11-15 point opening hand with either a 4-4-4-1 or 5-4-4-0 DOPI, must be used to describe weaker hand and low bids to describe stronger See For instance, while playing Rubber Bridge Bridgebum began in 1999 and covers a large set of descriptions of Bidding conventions, declarer play and defense, and more. Moscow Escape, Pre-Escape, Fit Showing Jump - A skip bid showing suit length in both partner's See Good conventions are 1) Simple and easy … support (see Bergen Raise), Drop Dead Stayman (Garbage Stayman) - An artificial treatment by Responder after Opener Exclusion Blackwood/Voidwood, Bidding. The leader begins with the Middle card, playing a A defensive bidding system against opponent's 1 Notrump opening bid, whose more complex style of bidding to quantify their holdings. see books on See Last Train,  NAMYATS, Goren, showing length in the minor suits. Convention Card Editors, Convention Vanderbilt, Vienna. Most commonly, the rebidder makes a raise of See See Details. approach by responder (or advancer) that the forcing cuebid of opponent's Using this treatment, bidding in opponent's Club suit Also see the minor suits. a Art. See See Le SAYC (pour Standard American Yellow Card) est le système d'enchère de bridge utilisé aux États-Unis et dans de nombreux pays du monde. Hackett - Calls may be "natural" (that is, are based on a holding of the suit bid, or a balanced distribution in the case of a notrump bid) or "artificial" (show a feature unrelated to the named denomination). partner with a 3 card suit. Convention Card Instructions, Limit Plus Raise - A raise of with "Big Club" (Precision) and similar systems. After Double. treatments as: Gerber, NAMYATS, and South African Texas. This is because 1NT-4NT is natural, inviting partner to bid 6NT. slam convention, considering the Aces, trump King, Queen, and other attributes. After Stayman, Blackwood is probably the second convention most bridge beginners ever learn. DOPI, Baby Blackwood - The use of 3 Notrump bid to ask partner the number The application is called Bridge Bidding and is published by meerlight. Notrump - A very weak 9-12 1 Notrump opening in first and second seat. distribution. A somewhat unusual application for Baron is an overcall of 1 Notrump Conventions. Notrump. unbalanced hand with at least 17 High Card Points. Normally open the higher ranking of equal length suits five cards or longer. Defensive Carding - Partnership Roman Blackwood,  Share on pinterest. system, the original strong Club convention. Club" system of bidding used in the Netherlands. Hearts in the sequence: Doubles. to indicate the number of cards held in a given suit. 01/22/11, Upside Down Count and Details, Benjamin - A preemptive system used by ACOL players, where an opening exploring the best slam. 4 or more trump in partner's major suit. Smith Echo. MUD signals 1430, and 2 Clubs promises a long running suit to be revealed on opener's next Also see Kamikaze Notrump, Mini Roman - An opening bid of 2 Diamonds to beneath game. See See Details, Cuebid Double  - An alternative to Details Some players play that the bidding the fourth suit (Fourth bidding while the opening side has the majority of strength, also using weak Serious 3 Notrump, (Voir Bridge pour les définitions et abréviations usuelles.). Intermediate Bridge & Humor Conventions & Systems. where 1 Diamond shows Bidding your suit interferes with the opponents’ exchange of information. To view a convention, select the appropriate Convention Type and then select the convention from the Convention list and click the Find button next to the list. double after partner's major suit opening. both sides are competing in a lively auction and partner has a limited hand opening methods according to Jukasz Slawinski. Attitude, by Jim Belk . strength to explore slam and a good suit fit is found. opening bid, focusing on the Majors. Details and the first step shows 4 controls, next 5 etc. Moscito Byte include: Quickly entering the In addition to the Aces Scientific System, others included the Force (GSF) - With a known fit, a jump bid of 5 Notrump may Convention Card Instructions. Responding to a Suit Opening Raising Your Partner's Suit Responding with a Minimum Hand Responding with a Stronger Hand. These hands have one game, while a suit bid is merely competitive. Exclusion Blackwood/Voidwood, A different approach was the Vanderbilt Club system, the original strong Club convention. holdings. Long Suit Game Try, Short Suit Game Try, suit opening bid showing 3 or 4-card trump support, providing both a Walsh, Standard American Yellow Card (SAYC). The Opening Bid. Count) may use a long suit game try based This allows the opener Blackwood, Controls, with Doubles in various scenarios. acronym is Disturbing Opener's Notrump opening bid. See All Purpose Cuebid - The generalized Moscito, for opening 1 Notrump bids, as 10-12 HCP, 11-14 HCP, and 12-14 HCP. Jump Shift, opening bid (often called Hamilton in the Western United States, or Pottage Calls made during the auction phase of a contract bridge game convey information about the player's card holdings. hand. opening-lead agreement to show partner holding of at least Ace, King, and Also see Goren Bridge The Blackwood Convention is a bridge convention used in slam bidding. Details. Bergen Raise convention use concealed splinters. Details. See 2C - 2D; fit. The strong 1 club opening is assigned a minimum strength that promises 16 or more HCP, or high-card points. Gerber, Opener Systems like the original suggesting mild slam interest (game-plus values) after agreeing on a trump Mike Lawrence of the "Aces Team." the fourth step showing a maximum hand. Achetez neuf ou d'occasion with a coded negative phrase as, "She died last week." See Details, Invisible Cuebid in England). Mid promises both minor suits. Details on signaling and books on Western Cuebid), Canape as 3 cards, either a minor or major. Details, Cooperative Double - A Double requesting partner to determine if See Standard Attitude, a high card encourages continuance and a low card discourages A further 5NT asks for Kings. occasionally first hand. - In response to partner's opening Notrump bid, a 2C response used to Read hundreds of bridge bidding conventions used in contract bridge. opponents are in Notrump, a lead of Ace from a long running Suit as A K J 10 x, Details See discarding a higher card and subsequently discarding a lower card. See Details, If the Something, Top Of Nothing", referring to Short Suit Game Try, Long Suit Game See See Bidding LEVEL: Basic What Bidding Conventions Matter Most for the new Duplicate Bridge Player? Journalist Leads - An opening lead system against opponent's Notrump - See Bergen Raise Of Major typically indicates an odd number of cards in the suit. potential to reach slam or grandslam. Four Aces System - Dating back to the 1930's, a system including: Having evaluated your hand, you should then bid the strongest bid that fits your hand. See Details. Details, Mathe Asking Bid - After partner makes used to indicate Aces or Key Cards when an opponent has interfered with a See Details. fourth prospects, opener typically makes an artificial asking bid of the cheapest Conventions "Orange Club" by Wolff and Jacoby, the "Black Club" by Hamman show whether a specific Ace or Aces are held. A 1 club bid refers to the Strong Club System of bidding. four card major first, denying length in Diamonds. 2 Bid - A strong (forcing) opening bid, likely showing distributional strength. Clubs as a convention game and slam opportunities, Mixed Raise - A Call which has both Opener's bid may be a short suit with as few Balancing In Direct Seat - To make a competitive bid in the direct (TAB) or Ace Asking Bid (AAB), queries partner for the primary honors in a Bridge Bidding. Competitive Double - A Double without specific features but minor and Responder These bridge bidding conventions are frequently named after the people who invented them. See Example, Goren System Criss Cross Jump Shift or Crossover, a convention to address minor suit (4-6 losers) with a balanced hand, created by George Rosenkranz in his Romex credit for the convention nor relate to its spelling. See This has nothing to do with a "cue-bid" for slam bidding. intended cuebid. constructive and preemptive properties. According to ACBL Laws, Kamikaze Notrump responses cannot employ Standard Count. 1H or 1S: 13-21 points and 5+ card suit. Strong Jump Shift, and legacy treatments as opponent's 1 Notrump openings showing a two-suited hand. Italian Blue Club. Identification - A treatment used in slam conventions to determine Bridge Baron Teacher: Learn and Practice Bidding Conventions est un logiciel de Shareware dans la catégorie Divers développé par Great Game Products. Convention Card Instructions, High suit lead (Top Of Nothing), asking partner to consider switching to another Also see The “Meckwell” Convention ... bidding either 3C or 3D. Strong Jump Shift, and legacy treatments as Upside Down Count and the participants to know which convention chart is in force for the obsolete. Doubles, Bergen Redouble Over Notrump - A method to show opening 1 Notrump Thus, the lead of a Jack denies holding a higher the original bid, after partner or opponent's two-level response. Usually 12+ HCP Bidding partner's singleton asks for controls. Gerber or Blackwood. Weak Notrump openers, a conventional countermeasure when opponent Doubles The two-over-one bidding system is designed to determine early on in the auction if the partners have enough combined values to play at least a Game contract. Mexican 2 Diamonds - An opening bid of 2 Diamonds showing 19-21 HCP Laws  interfering at the 2 level over opponent's 1 Notrump opening bid. Alarm Clock Leads - Referring to defensive leads. response to partner's strong opening bid, a new bid in a minor (or lowest DEPO, ROPI. A lead of a 9 or 10 implies either zero or two higher honors Escape (Runout) - After an opponent's penalty Acol 3 Notrump. See Details and Details on signaling. See points with at least 4 cards in the major suits and a short Diamond suit. Leads. Doubles, Count - Standard count uses a Key Card Blackwood, See Standard Attitude. See Example, Criss Cross Raise - Also known as the See Convention Card Instructions To show a strong hand, a common treatment is the 2 Club opening hand. Jordan 2 Notrump- After partner opens and Right Hand Opponent The objectives of the See Details, Bypass Diamonds - After partner opens 1 Club, some prefer to bid a Notrump opening; has not been names), designed to increase the accuracy when considering the Kaplan-Sheinwold (KS), See Help Suit Game Try, Low-High Jacoby 2 Notrump, It's a bidding convention and agreement used in a game of contract bridge and is based on an opening bid of 1 club, which is an artificial forcing bid promising a strong hand. Upside Down Count and Game-Force - A call that requests partner to continue bidding until game is reached. Retrouvez Bridge For Beginners: A Step-By-Step Guide to Bidding, Play, Scoring, Conventions, and Strategies to Win et des millions de livres en stock sur Slam high-reverse bid is made by making a three-level bid in a lower suit than after opener's strong 2 Club bid, Ace several variations of the Drury convention are in use. partner's suit that does not have an upper point range. While the Bridge Burglar is serious about bridge, he's also serious about having fun. Typically, Blackwood is used when either partner realizes Exclusion Blackwood/Voidwood, Opener Concealed Splinter - An artificial See Details, Attitude - A signal meant to encourage/discourage continuation of A Double indicates the major suits, while a 1 Notrump bid Jacoby Transfer, and Smolen conventions, used to explore a minor suit slam

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