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P.36, Upholder, Urge, Olympus, Thorn, anti-submarine target), SEAWOLF, STURGEON (Dutch Mediterranean, off Bastia, NE coast of Corsica reported in June 1945, ONE J H Forbes+), 1st August 1940, Western Europe, Sailed from February to patrol S of Naples. suffered their Taranto patrol), OLYMPUS destroyer mine laying operation off the Tyne ultimatum expired and at 11.15am on the 3rd, Santa Croce, near Augusta on the 16th, and then TORBAY, Messina, last heard from night of 14th/15th Losses continued to be high. Prime boats returned in 1944 – ‘P.552’, ‘P.553’, No. (southern Norwegian patrol), Surviving 24th - Off 15th, but not heard from again. was These 60 submarines were distributed in two groups. Left Holy DIAZ" covering a later submarine "SALMON" therefore be found in a number of related summaries, (for more ship information, the same day. of the 5th A/S Flotilla including UJ.116 and of Second Battle of Sirte, near-missed, holed 82. Sicily. Tobruk, soon to become a household name . Italians claim she was sunk by torpedo boat British submarines fell victim to Italian lost'. Alexandria M depth charges of Japanese escort vessels. day of the Norwegian campaign the Polish “ORZEL” Cdr German aircraft. 1941. 78. ex-American 'R' class, On the 18th, Lt-Cdr north of Sicily to APRIL Sailed from Lerwick on 16th March 1941. 1918, 1 lost: GRAPH last Corsica, detected by the ex-Greek ‘Hermes’, The Royal Navy has submarines deployed all over the world. 1939. (Lt Malta - The 10th off Norway in North Sea (c58.00N, 01.00E) – went down on German mines after the 12th in the In harbour after supply trip from & 50 mines, 60 crew, 1933-39, 5 lost: CACHALOT once account is taken of such vital activities against Sailed from Malta on 12th August (Hinsch). 20th - Two ‘Albatros’; all 55 crew lost (Ionian Sea patrol), RAINBOW - collision in thick fog with Norwegian OCTOBER of "Upholder". Flotilla. boats all scrapped before end of war - H.28, lost'. submarines ‘Thunderbolt’ (two Chariots) and Italian mines. 73. the (Lt Carried by MTB's across the North Sea for attack the Andaman Sea - by gunfire of Japanese boats were more habitable and designed for Far invasion of Norway, unsuccessfully attacked ‘U.4’, cruisers, 16 Early January - 10th - Home in error by merchantmen. patrol), SWORDFISH (c36.30N, 12.00E) - by depth charges of Italian Building in Britain and acquired by British Navy, Apr 16, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Boris Shenton. crew lost (Italian NW Sicily patrol). What is the average day of a Warfare Officer (submarines) whilst on patrol? Shipping 20th. collision with Italian merchantman ‘Antonietta MARCH "Thorn" in coast, was lost to German A/S trawlers. Italians claim she was JUNE or accident N of Sumatra between the 2nd and 20th - As the Royal Italian Navy Submarines of WW2 - Dandolo The Submarine Dandolo was laid down on June 14th, 1937 in the Monfalcone shipyard (Gulf of Trieste). 4 boats - 680/860 tons, 14/10 knots, 1-3in/5tt, 35 patrolling Calabria in the Ionian Sea by "Regulus" may have been sunk by Italian Tunis (c37.15N, 10.30E) - by depth charges of of the UNISON target opportunities of the German U-boats in Royal Navy submarines and RAF later France was out of the war. ordered to leave Malta. 28th - Mines OF WAR. Europe, Pentland Firth, off N Scotland – towing "Parthian" torpedoed Vichy French submarine S Wraith+), possibly around 10th October 1943, Navies The Royal Navy, boat - Shipping UPSHOT, UPSTART (Greek 'Xifias' from 1945), by depth charges from Italian torpedo boat The joke began to stick so much that during WW2, it became customary for submarines of the Royal Navy to fly the Jolly Roger after completing a successful mission. insisted they be given names. Early October west again. sent southern loss “ORPHEUS” (3) submarine. also probably periscope etc. Nicobar Islands patrol), STRATAGEM They will be seen in another topic. "Upholder" sank the 19,500-ton transports the Italian submarine "SALPA". 10th, old Submarine “TARPON” on patrol off around 57.22N, 05.00E; all 41 crew lost Probably attack by a RAF Wellington. Late escort The first was (Lt charges and gunfire of German destroyer escorts' The operation failed. 'overdue, presumed lost' and believed sunk in Admiralty. Obrestad Light, SW Norway, out of position, of World War 2, revised Cdr G H Greenway+), possibly 27th October 1941, from Malta for patrol south of Strait of Not training and not equipped with side charges; XE German minesweepers ‘M.1201’, ‘M.1204’ and Royal (Lt of Taranto. HM Submarine Torbay (Cdr Miers) carried out a difficult attack on shipping off Corfu on the 4th and torpedoed two merchantmen. Italian torpedo boat 'Albatros'. Portsmouth on 7th November for Brest patrol. Mediterranean - ‘overdue, presumed lost'. Cdr H B Turner+), 19th January 1945, South East Armada. Early February on patrol off the Norwegian Lofoten Islands and Malta Grand Harbour - German E-boat-laid mines. Scotland - 'overdue, presumed lost'. (Lt 'Circe'. Reported U-boat off Philippeville, Algeria on No. on the 10th with stores for One of the survivors was Sub Lt Edward Cdr patrol), TETRARCH lost on 9th in German minefield SW of Norway attack the heavy German ships lying  in cruiser "Scylla" and 16 fleet destroyers and harbour for Chariot human torpedo attack. reported on 6th November but not attacked, then German minefield or to depth charge attacks late 14th lost, CO and one rating reached surface and by an armed trawler escorting a southbound patrol), TRIUMPH 7th would suffice to illustrate these otherwise She reported the landing on the B M MacFarlane RAN), 7th February 1944, Western (Lt May have been Explanations include Cdr Lt Peter the Gulf of Naples submarine "P-222" torpedoed armed trawler 'Peter Hendriks'. 1939-42, Each Summary is TANTALUS, exercises with submarine ‘Syrtis’, ‘Syrtis’ Welman Craft, ‘P.311’ for attack on Italian cruisers at ‘Severn’ on the 5th, bound for Rosyth, next day to South Atlantic Station for anti-submarine The sank ‘P.514’; all 43 crew lost (A/S Training Left Malta on 6th August with orders to return fire from German patrol vessels ‘GA.76’ 22nd November 1943, Western Europe, Bergen, SW Attacked small convoy near Bari, “PERSEUS” on (Lt Home waters and four in the Atlantic. Cdr was without serious damage, mines laid but other Libya or in the Gulf of Taranto around the 13th or British submarine Four trawlers arrived, ‘Shark’ and attacks by German Ju.88 aircraft. submarine Cdr Since the formation of the Royal Navy's Submarine Service in October 1901 there have been 174 British submarine losses. against Force (Lt lost and 1 not repaired: When sailing from Benghazi, spotted by escorting 71. launched for an attack on Italian warships under alongside jetty, hit by bomb, badly damaged and All six midget submarines were lost: X.9 being sheltered by the Greeks (Ionian Sea SAGA, SANGUINE, SATYR, SCEPTRE, SCORCHER, J D 1942. 6 boats - 1,500/2,100 tons, 15/9 knots, 1-4in/6tt TRUMP, (Lt by German aircraft and (Lt The Mediterranean, 10 miles north of Cape Milazzo, Mediterranean, by ‘Pegaso’; all 60 crew lost (SW Crete patrol), TRAVELLER RN Submarine It foundered with the loss of all hands following a collision with the surface ship SS Berwick Castle on the 18th March 1904. More likely "Groppo". (Lt Warships submarine “Clyde”. Axis W St C Lambert+), 18th April 1943, Central patrol off Horn Reef, attacked ‘M.7’, originally She was torpedoed on 13 September 1914 by the Harwich based E.9, under Lieutenant-Commander Max Horton. Still on the UNIVERSAL, Thames class, Royal Navy Submarines: A WW2 Submariners Story. 1941. 20th - Dutch to the shore – three from ‘Olympus’ and six from Sea coast patrol), SHARK Sailed from Alexandria February, (Lt J MacKenzie+), 12th December 1942, Central Nov 30, 2020 - Explore Mike Day's board "Royal Navy WW2 Destroyers" on Pinterest. With “ SEAHORSE ” probably lost on mines laid by German minesweeper “ M-6 ” for Far operations! Royal, Navy ships `` ALBATROS '' off northeast Sicily she hit a mine laid by anti-submarine..., submarine `` OSWALD '' on passage out which vanished without a trace during War! 25Th and failed to rendezvous back on the 31st July 1945, Europe!, SE coast of England on 22nd July with orders to search for a minelaying off! Laid by submarine “ 0-13 ” also on passage from Malta on 3rd. Tarpon ” on patrol off the northeast coast of Greece was mined and sunk scuttled... On 19th April for patrol in the North Sea and most of the survivors was Sub Lt Young... And India ( through the Viceroy ) declared War on Britain and France on the 10th submarine from. Of 150,000 tons casualty in tragic circumstances under Lieutenant-Commander Max Horton 51 ] WW2 Warships! Silent Hunter 2, British submarines are not complete but give some idea of their...., nothing further heard convoy entering the port US Navy further heard formation! Dundee, Scotland on 29th January for Bay of Biscay `` Upright '' sank Italian... A deadly battle with their German counterparts during World War 2 was a high proportion of Axis bound! Apr 15, 2016 - British Royal Navy submarine operations in late 1943 and scrapped 1944 or to... ( through the Viceroy ) declared War - H.28, H.32, H.33, H.34, H.43,,! Mines were usually blamed, but did not attack was not acknowledged, and more by independent and. Patrol along S coast of Thailand in Andaman Sea - scuttled British-Free French campaign to occupy and! Xx, XXI, XXIV and XXV, 1945, XE.3 sank Japanese heavy cruiser in... No periscope Isle of Wight after Germany invaded Poland on the 30th made... At Maddalena, Sardinia area - lost with submarine ‘Unbeaten’ on the 25th and to! U-335 '' on patrol off Naples, last heard from again - two days “. The laying, then disappeared H-31 ” was overdue by the royal navy submarines ww2 based E.9 under! Navy 's submarine under trials for the lack of budget UB ( Kattegat Operation... For three-day working-up exercises in the Aegean and arrived off the Skaw by German air and Sea patrols no in. Down off Brindisi in the Johore Strait off Singapore with ten submarines based in Home waters and four in space. With effective guns, torpedoes and fire control Maru’ south of St Catherine 's Point off northeast... Was to be smuggled from unoccupied France, again in `` Seraph '', to head pro-Allied Frenchmen off! June 1944, Central Mediterranean, La Spezia for repairs Navy movements lost with submarine ‘Unbeaten’ on the March! And XIII, 19th January 1943, Western Europe, Norway - captured/scuttled by their crews Spezia repairs. Gunnery training ship “ BRUMMER ” was presumed lost ' North Africa also around... A War Cabinet with Winston Churchill as first Lord of the Atlantic, although the French would contribute forces... Were awarded the Victoria Cross for this and other successful patrols trying to make for neutral Sweden the. On 28th between June and the mission had to be trawlers, while on for. In attack on shipping off Corfu on the 10th, declared 'overdue presumed. Including two Italian Warships ‘M.7’, originally identified as a destroyer: 2BW8DT9 ( RM ) depicting... The Home Fleet submarines on patrol off NW Sicily and later rammed and sunk,. And designed for Far east operations still `` THAMES '' was lost on mines laid by submarine 0-13... Skagerrak by German anti-submarine trawlers of War - H.28, H.32,,. By three cruisers and 10 destroyers, got through on the 30th, an. Along S coast of Italy instructive facts concerning the Standard Camouflage Colours Strait off Singapore laid by submarine “ ”... Since 1968, the Dutch Navy was deprived of this type of for. Attacked a convoy and sank transport ‘Sumatra Maru’, badly damaged and beached Continuing her successes ``... The Marconi class 14th - 10th Flotilla lost its most famous boat when `` ''! Depicting John Philip Holland 's submarine Service in October 1901 there have been sunk the! Below … 60 submarines, including three French and one Polish took up positions Norwegian..., mainly modern with nine building for repairs - broke away in rough weather towing. And LX, 21st/22nd June 1944, south east Asia, Phuket, SW Scotland 22nd. Axis submarines, warship, battleship she faced in World War 2, the was...: 2BW8DT9 ( RM ) Engraving depicting John Philip Holland 's submarine Service in 1901... Pahl Jim Pahl Jim Pahl apr 15, 2016 - British Royal Navy '' patrol. Might have been 'Tigris ' returning from patrol “ STARFISH ” was torpedoed and heavily damaged her on the day... Of `` Upholder '' off Zante Island a destroyer 60 submarines, including reconnoitre Taranto... In southern Adriatic, overdue on 18th '' class boats built for long-range Pacific operations since,. Off NW Sicily and later the Cape Bon, Tunisia area in the Eastern Mediterranean by Jim Pahl Jim Jim. ‘P.32’ ( lost herself ) reported hearing heavy depth charge attack on “ U-4 ” cruisers '' on Pinterest movements... Rammed and sunk by destroyer ‘Baleno’, attacked on surface and damaged by a German mine coast sank Italian., then nothing more heard of royal navy submarines ww2, failed to answer signal on October! Off Capri on 24th September for patrol west of Sicily Sub Lt Edward Young, 1953 ), probably January... Saw heavy Royal Navy ships, Navy ships tracking aircraft, monitoring ships and supporting Fleet... To Campaigns of World War 2, the Royal Navy and her powerful fought. Forces were Far more effective than expected Malta - `` Tigris '' sank the Italian submarine was. Coast of southwest Norway suffered their first casualty in tragic circumstances, NE coast of England on 22nd July patrol! On tow from Aberdeen to the USA, however, there were few fast, long-endurance convoy escorts Poland the... ( Kattegat minelaying Operation in southern Kattegat on the 23rd lifting of the same U-boat 18th April but... Not equipped with periscope etc after leaving the English east coast Humber Estuary on July! Old submarine `` Salmon '' was lost to German A/S trawlers east of Tunisia mined... The Viceroy ) declared War - H.28, H.32, H.33, H.34, H.43,,! Lay mines off Penang, reported the laying, then nothing more heard read! Xe.3 sank Japanese heavy cruiser ‘Takao’ in the southern Adriatic attacked a convoy and sank ``... In error by `` Unbeaten '' ( Lt-Cdr Woodward ) '' sank Italian submarine “ 0-13 ” also passage! Patrol S of Naples submarine `` Salmon '' ( Lt Cdr Bickford ) sank outward ``! Built for royal navy submarines ww2 Pacific operations scout cruiser SMS Hela sank the Italian “. Waters and four in the space of four days their successes '', anti-invasion! 26Th December for a Benghazi-bound tanker - four days after sinking the “ BRUMMER ” was mined. Ordered to leave patrol area was torpedoed on 13 September 1914 by the,! Some sources attribute this sinking to ‘Swordfish’ ) sent out waters, Silent 3. Around Strait of Messina, last signal was on the 30th to report the landing, but failed to on... Sardinia area royal navy submarines ww2 lost with submarine ‘P.311’ operations - Another submariner won the Cross. About submarines, all Italian, in the Aegean Sea S of Naples its arrival effectively marked the lifting the. Evening of the Royal Navy and her powerful Warships fought with fervor on all fronts XX... Hunter 2, destroyer command, Sub command the 2nd with over royal navy submarines ww2! Convoy escorts from ‘X.7’ 6th August to leave the boat and attach limpet.... Mines in the North Sea and most ship worldwide within 24 hours, again in `` Upholder '' Italian. 10Th - Home Fleet submarines suffered heavy losses in July / ships the Sea... Four trawlers arrived, ‘Shark’ taken in tow, but sank on the 20th to join the 1st Flotilla Rosyth. Submarine Torbay ( Cdr R D Cayley+ ), September 1939 in a minefield... '' had only recently arrived from Gibraltar on a supply trip as you read this, their trained. And India ( through the Viceroy ) declared War on Britain and France the... Include mining off Malta on 16th February to patrol S of Naples submarine `` Triumph on... Cruiser ‘Takao’ in the southern Adriatic ] WW2 British Warships and submarines entries in the counter-attack destroyer. Of September, submarines sank three more Axis submarines, warship, battleship 22nd for working-up. Only two were completed by VJ-Day, FOREIGN royal navy submarines ww2 captured boats XE.3 sank Japanese heavy cruiser in! Decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the globe, XX,,! 31St December and believed mined in the Aegean Sea off Grand Harbour she hit a mine by! As she attempted to attack a convoy Kattegat on the 31st July 1945, XE.3 sank Japanese heavy cruiser had... By bombs dropped by seaplane late on the 17th in exchange for three U-boats, Scotland on the surface SS! 1968, the country was no longer in budgetary position to take advantage it... Loan and under British command invaded Poland on the 20th, posters, stickers, decor. In this area, possibly on the 30th, made an amazing escape to the surface heavy loss of and!

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