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So if you throw that bobber on, come out fishing and have a good time more than likely you're going to find some nice fish willing to play. The smile says it all…. Keep those flies in the water and don’t miss those grabs. ... There’s something particularly magical about fishing Pyramid Lake in the winter time. Being comfortable allows you to spend more time fishing and less time warming up in the truck which in turn you will catch more fish. Added to the mix is the summits coming in hot and heavy to keep you active with more grabs while you wait for “the one”. Fish are caught at every single beach throughout the week. Streamer patterns in all the natural greens, browns and blacks and fishing a floater behind to entice them to grab if they don’t like that. GLOOMIS NRX + 11’ 6wt, once you put it in your hands you wont want to fish anything else. Pyramid Lake is a desert lake located on Paiute Indian reservation land. Or better yet, you now have some confidence to fish another area when area #1 might be too busy, too windy or if the fish just aren't in area #1. Many large, bright red summits are starting to show face. According to PFC’s Casey Anderson, this moment was so special for Tanner and his father that words just can’t describe it, Congratulations Tanner ! There’s something about that rise, that really drives fish nuts. Balanced leeches in olive, black and white. Great Job Coaches ! Don't short yourself and feel the need to slide in right next to that big group. ... Owens River - Lower: Lower Owens Fishing Report Pyramid Lake: Prime Time of Year For Double-Digit Fish Owens River - Section 3 - Upper (above Crowley): Upper Owens River Fishing Report A short time ago a couple wise wizards traveled over the mountains to bring us their new golden wizard staffs. Being patient and waiting for the schools to come through is crucial. ... Pyramid Lake Lodge is booking accommodations just a few weeks out, so if you are calling in for rooms with no luck keep trying. Still the colors that have seemed to work the best are olive, black and white. With most of the rivers being blown out it’s time to hit the lake and we hope to see you out there. It’s time to start planning your next shore fishing trips soon because when the majority of fish Come into shallower water they will be red hot and hungry. Winter fishing is also fun because it’s a little less specific on the fly patterns leaving room to experiment or to fish the “ol’ faithful”. From the far north end all the way down to the southern end of the lake. Sacramento Perch is open all year round and presently you can catch and keep 10 perch per day. Fishing is picking up! Pyramid has been fishing incredibly. Hanging chironamids under the bobber is another really effective way to catch these large trout. This lake fishes different every day according to the wind direction, clouds and or the barometric pressure. Pyramid Lake Fisheries, 603 Sutcliffe Dr., Sutcliffe, Nevada 89510 Ph: 775-476-0500 Fax: 775-476-0558 If you have never fished here before, you are in for a visual treat and some exceptional fishing. Balanced leeches in all the natural browns, greens and golds. As the Lake’s surface elevation receded, down cutting along the river resulted in the formation of a sand-bar delta at the mouth of the river. Midges and nymphs in red, black, and wine have all been catching. Stay warm and comfortable and try to put in the time. And when taken care of it can treat you like a true king. But don't get those weak flimsy hooks if you wanna catch these large fish we are all after. These spring weather patterns in the dead of winter aren’t really the best fishing conditions. They have been able to gorge without a fishermen in sight. They are still eating the bait fish patterns as well and the strip bite has picked up a bit the last couple weeks. Jimmi “Roper” Damone and PFC Ambassador Blake Rosa taking advantage of the recent cold fronts. No, I am. We are favoring the bobber more and more as winter settles in this month. Wtf!? Some of the largest fish in the last decade come from December and January. Don’t feel the need to fish those shoulder to shoulder beaches there are fish everywhere! Beautifully snow capped mountains tightly surround the mysterious cold dark blue water of the ancient lake. You can have 2 singles, 2 doubles or 2 treble hooks per lure. This week we have seen a good amount of midges popping. While the amount of grabs per day varies drastically, the number of heavy fish sucking up the flies up is damn near fifty percent. Well that’s not the case. These fish are HOT and the fishery hasn’t been this healthy in decades. And talk about an easy tie. From shore the bite has drastically picked up. These large carnivorous trout can be found all over the lake! “Frank the Tank”, took the day with this thick female Pilot peak at 13 lbs 7oz. While these large cutthroat are still keying in heavily on the bait fish we are gonna continue to feed them what they desire. You definitely can't catch them sitting in your home office or couch. Give us a ring and gone on out. PFC Client Ben Rioux “Keepin Em Wet” PC: Morgan Kane. High sun, calm think small. Low cloud cover, dark skies, large waves and weather equal game time! But as we get closer to winter many of those lower number days will include one if not multiple fish over the ten pound mark. PERMIT WEBSITE WILL NOW REOPEN OCTOBER 28, 2020 • CLICK HERE to read the press release 2020-2021 Fishing Guide – Download Here. November can also be waiting game that will pay off for the time put in. 21.5 lbs. This is just the tip of the spear for the push of fish coming in, especially for the larger Pilot Peak Strain. The mornings the fish were on the chew a bit heavier than the afternoon with the moon being so bright all night. Clients Zach Parksons and Sean Solway made the trek from Tahoe. And for that, we thank you! March and April are lining up to be spectacular. The amount of food available for the fish in the lake allow these fish to pack on the pounds like no other. So rather than waiting for the fish to roam the shallows and winter to really set in, one should really take advantage of all the lake has to offer early season. It’s been very cold and we are getting a decent amount of snow at times at lake level which is fairly rare If you can drive out safely it has really been worth the trip. Two, finding a place that is fishable for longer periods of time. Katherine from Reno fished with PFC Guide Chris Nicola and well…….. Yeah, got her a lunker. As the bait fish have been spreading out midges have been getting bit a little more than previously. We loved our days at Pyramid Lake. Brock Wilson took advantage of the changing weather and had a great day with PFC Head Guide Morgan Kane. As the bait fish start to spread more and more the trout will begin to feed heavily on midges. See you on the water ! Whether stripped or hung under the bobber. Balanced leeches in white, olive, and black have been solid. Many of those days including more than one or two fish over ten pounds. The ladies Retreiving clinic was on point and they learned alot which builds confidence. Or using a midge/nymph and balanced leech in tandem is also a very good way to be successful white, black and olive are good starting points. Beaches that have quicker access to deep water or steeper drops will be more likely hold a few more fish. Get your trip booked and come out to the “Old Salty” for some Cutthroat EXCITEMENT !!!!! So if you hook a big fish, there are probably at least a few more around. The cutthroat will still have Tui Chub in the brain so fishing something that has a little more movement should help increase the amount of grabs you get. ALWAYS PINCH THE BARB! Our team is ready and bigger than ever! Zach landed 2 fish over 10 lbs. These fish are still willing to chase a fly but as we all know the bobber keeps your flies in the strike zone for a much longer period of time. You may keep 2 of the smaller sizes or 1 small and 1 large. Gazing out at the massive body of water will lead the mind to wonder the possibilities of lies within. Cooler temps this week are pushing fish closer to shore. Balanced leeches and midges have been neck and neck in efficiency depending on the beach. It is known as the remnant of ancient Lake Lahontan that covered much of Nevada territory during Ice Age. With winter settling in and water temps dropping the fish are going to follow their food source into the shallower water as the temperatures will become more favorable for everything closer to shore. The fish are in and there is only one way to find out. Client Paula over the moon with her first fish of the day. The big Pilots tend to like slightly colder water than the Summit lake strain. The fish are still sucking down all the usual suspects. We love when clients help us with R & D. @rising3474. Please feel free to give us a call 1-877-PFC-FLYS. And while we wait in anticipation for the schools of Pilots to come in, we are also seeing a nice trickle of summits in the mix. It’s so exciting and comforting to know these fish are continuing the thrive and the year classes continue to grow rapidly. Indicator fishing is still great this time of year giving the trout an easy meal without wasting a lot energy. They are very similar to the Cui-ui if you have not been trained to distinguish between their differences. It’s becoming spawn season for summits and late pilots so prepare to see cruising fish in the next couple weeks! A little help can go a long ways. As we slide into the weekend we couldn't be more excited to announce that we have finally been issued our guide permits for Pyramid Lake. As we are settling into the heart of winter and getting acclimated to weather, the fish are doing the same. For early December the lake is fishing extremely well. These fish will eat a well presented fly. While the Pilots remain the monsters of the lake, the bright reds and brilliant spotting on the Summits make for some absolutely stunning looking trout. We are expecting more rain at pyramid and snow in higher elevations later in the week. The longer you wait the better your chance. Slide in late morning, get warmed up and dialed in by lunch. Seeing fish suspended all over from top to bottom made it harder to target bigger schools from shore or float boats. January is one of the most underrated months to fish Pyramid. One, where the fish will be moved to according to winds and current. Same regulations apply tackle and no bait for the perch. As we slide deeper into winter and water becomes cooler the bait spreads out and the fish start gorging heavily on midges. Mario Gruel from Quincy CA of “Taco Fly Co” is all smiles - Great Job Mario !!!! For indicator set ups. Sunrise hook up. Risings Prototype Lunker Net handling 2 beauties with no issues. With our team of guides we can get you on the water,. We have been deep into spring weather for a solid month or more and Mother Nature is reacting in such a way. If you’re still stuck on leeches  give a couple midges a try. Season is upon us, time to make your plans and get to the lake. If your bummed out and don’t think you’re gonna catch anything you probably won’t. The Tui chubs are an important indicator of the overall ecosystem health within Pyramid Lake. Eat a nice hot shore lunch and get back on the water for the "afternoon push", and fish til the sun drops and the temperatures plummit. We had the Smith crew put from Colorado. Don McGovern or “BBD” from Denver Co and PFC guide Jimi “Roper Damone” showing Stoke !!! While they will always suck up a midge, a balanced leech or bait fish is going to produce more strikes for the next month or so as these predators are still keying in heavily on bait fish. Stripping sinking lines like the Air Flo 40+ Sink Rate 5 or 7 has been putting big fish in the net. As we pushed through the full moon the indicator bite produced some extremely nice fish. Whats Working. If the fish are biting and people are catching keep your flies in the water. There are only two resident populations remaining in their native range in Clear Lake and Alameda Creek. The lake just opened up this week on November 2nd after a seven month closure. At times there are trophy-sized trout planted in the lake for trophy fishing tournaments. We have had and heard of great number days all over the lake. “it never gets old” PC: PFC GUIDE Morgan Kane. Client Sean Harper with his first Pyramid Cutty, Sean enjoying the perks of Ladder Chairs and Switch Rods. Then big fish are on chew and like we keep saying. Lauren with her prize. Client Brian Swancutt made the trek from Maine to experience what Pyramid has to offer. The cui-ui population began to decline after the construction of Derby Dam and the establishment of the Newlands Reclamation Project in 1905. Trevor Wong with PFC Guide Morgan Kane getting it done in a ray of sunshine. Growth in older perch is mostly in weight rather than in length. For the opener try fishing in a float tube, pontoon boat, kayak or boat. The Spring reappearance of the Tui chubs is is observed mid-May. . PFC President Casey Anderson connecting with a Tui Chub filled Pilot. In fact, it is under suspicions by the Fisheries that the Sacramento Perch are declining in numbers. Sean Bottomley from CA broke his new NRX + cherry on this fine specimen. Barb less hooks only. While we are still using the, "Quality over quantity", motto, some days can be a bit of both. In 2017 and 2019 we have had banner snow years. And watching his face light up as friends hook their first cutthroat reminds us just how truly special this lake is. There’s plenty of room for everyone to have a great time and catch plenty of fish. Cruising the shallows filter feeding on most anything that resembles their diet. Jay Johnson with the 3 cast ritual, 3rd cast Boom, Double Digit Cutty. There have been quite a few days where they have been particular on bead color, hook size, etc. They will not be available at stores. “Dude, why did I wait so long”. They are all fired up !!!!!!!! While we are still catching a few fish retrieving flies the bobber still remains king. Fish are feeding in the 5-12 foot range depending on the beach. There’s something particularly magical about fishing Pyramid Lake in the winter time. Did your bobber bury after you twitched it after a funny wobble? Located 64 km (40 mi) northeast of Reno Pyramid Lake is an endorheic water basin fed by the Truckee River. They are distinct enough morphologically two classify separately, particularly in their number of gillrakers. We have had some incredible trips all with incredible people out here this season. This time of year we will start to see the indicator bite start to pick up and even out the bite ratio versus stripping in the prior month of November proved to be better. Morgan doing what morgan does SMILE. With the much colder air and weather systems we have had compared to last year the factors brought the surface temps down. Sacramento Perch is native to California and is the only non-native species that resides in Pyramid Lake. There is more snow, rain and wind in the near future and we all know those days can bring the fish in. The maximum size of male cui-ui is approximately 53 cm (21 in) and 1.6 kg (3.5 lb) while females reach approximately 64 cm (25 in) and 2.7 kg (6 lb). As we creep through February there has been no sign of the bite letting up. Jason and Daryl Meisner from Colorado making memories. Gotta love Jordans facial expression. Our Feb 10th Retrieving Clinic has been rescheduled to Feb 23rd. Fishing the indo doesn’t mean let it sit and stare at it. We are still waiting for the lake to obtain that prime 52-55 degree temps. Get creative, from reds to purples and everything in between. If it’s cloudy think dark. Pyramid Lake is a really great place to fish in larger groups.

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